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 "Goddess reminded slave how he had requested Goddess make him cry."

A Visitor from the House of Roth

This is a great narrative based on a fabulous role-play session I had with Mistress Estelle and a man I introduced to high caliber role-play, one of my core specialties.

"(with apologies to Catwoman: The Movie)

The sun set; dusk fell upon the city and Detective Tom strode down the side street looking for an apartment entrance in the rapidly dimming evening light. Not observing any occupants in the entryway, Tom rang the bell, intending to visit and talk with a resident of the unit; Mistress Estelle. A citizen in the area had been severely injured the night before, almost as if attacked by a wild animal, and there was another report of a large creature with cat-like features seen in the vicinity. Tom was quite infatuated with Mistress Estelle and was planning on both a pleasant social visit and investigating the rumors of this alleged cat woman. After knocking, Tom was invited in and after some short pleasantries at the door, was escorted to the elegantly decorated sitting room by the charming Mistress Estelle. There he was somewhat surprised to be introduced to one of Mistress Estelle’s friends, the effervescent Mistress Odiele - visiting from the House of Roth. A friendly conversation then occurred with Tom questioning the ladies about what they knew about this cat-like creature and whether they had any information about the injured man. Denying all knowledge the talk quickly turned to other topics. Mistress Von Roth then excused herself and left the room. Not more than a minute later, Tom was shocked to feel the presence of Catwoman behind him, pinning him to his chair and hissing in his ear. With her lightning quick reflexes and agility, this feral feline quickly restrained Tom and immobilized him. At the same time, Tom also sensed another, more illusory phenomenon occurring, as the beautiful Mistress Estelle was morphing into Catwoman’s alter ego — her more caring and sensual personality — known as Patience. Tom, in a futile attempt to perform his police duties attempted to stand and confront Catwoman — this did not last long, however; as Catwoman pounced and knocked Tom to the floor; flat on his back. Quickly Tom was pinned and subdued by Catwoman despite his best efforts to escape her clutches. The sensitive and nurturing Patience tried to console Tom, but it was not clear to him what her role was as she likewise pinned various parts of his anatomy to the floor while purring in his ears. Finally it became painfully obvious to Tom that Patience, although appearing conflicted at times, had chosen to help Catwoman and not him. Together, they alternately sat on his face, and other parts of his body, seemingly to demand whatever limited services Tom could provide to amuse them. After what seemed an interminable length of time, Tom -- after squirming mightily was able to free himself and stagger away from his temporary restraint. He did not get very far though, before Catwoman pounced again and Tom was quickly caught and fastened to chair. Sensing his ultimate fate, Tom started to plaintively plead his case, assuring Catwoman that all would be forgiven, if she relented and let him loose. But these pleas only served to further arouse Catwoman’s ire and Tom was in no position but to take the punishment that would soon be meted out to him. As vital parts of his anatomy were further restrained, the unfortunate Tom was alternately slapped, twisted, scratched, bit and generally abused as Catwoman seemed to be exorcising a primal, repressed anger at him - and what he represented. Disappointingly to Tom, Catwoman’s alter ego, Patience also eagerly participated in Tom’s punishment -- apparently forgetting whatever affection, real or feigned she had shown to Tom in their previous meetings. His mind raced as he wondered how the tables had been so quickly turned and how he was the now the prisoner instead of the interrogator.

A second time, Tom wriggled free, only to be pinned again by Catwoman on a very conveniently placed table. This time, he was immediately restrained with ties and placed in a most vulnerable position by Catwoman who apparently now wished to punish Tom in the most indelicate of ways. At this point and much to his chagrin, Tom’s beloved Patience yet again joined in the ferocious feline fun giving Tom no succor and taking full advantage of his precarious position. Probing his most sensitive areas, Patience took her time with him; demonstrating who was in charge of this new situation. Then it was Catwoman’s turn as she traded places with Patience and renewed the assault on Tom’s hapless body. Simultaneously pinned by Patience and being rhythmically abused by Catwoman, the intensity was too much for Tom and suddenly all the emotion of the past few hours was gone; leaving just a whimpering shell of the brash, confident detective who appeared at the door only an hour or so earlier. His senses overwhelmed, Tom drifted into a catatonic state. Then, as if awakening from a bad dream, Tom now was once again in the sitting room in the company of the once again delightful Mistress Odiele Von Roth and ever-smiling Mistress Estelle. With the immediately preceding events foremost in his mind, Tom was not inclined to further pursue any investigation with the ladies and after some polite chit-chat, was highly motivated to take his leave. Exiting the premises, Tom, weakened by his ordeal, braced himself against the narrow stairway as he half-stumbled and fell towards the entryway. Finally, exiting the the premises, he saw the indistinct glow of the city lights in the distance, just as the faintest trace of a smile crossed his face. How would he write this report and what would he say?"

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