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 "Goddess reminded slave how he had requested Goddess make him cry."

Discover the experience - Introducing the House of Roth Story Blog

Discover what takes place inside House of Roth - these stories are genuine accounts of sessions from either the submissive's point of view, or short exceprts I draft with the intention of teasing you, the audience, while concurrently putting my subs on exhibition (consent required). This blog serves as a ingenius platform for all you public humiliation sluts and sissies; I'm certain you can imagine all the chuckles your logged predicaments or photos will inspire, and you can bet I will be disseminating the link to all my female friends once posted. Or perhaps the sweltering heat and sexual charge of our sessions are too much for you to keep contained? Here is an opportunity for you to purge the sin of your submission (practice cuation however - there have been several instances of noticeably tented pants as a result).

These stories will be added as they become available, so if you want more fodder to fuel future sessions, make certain to express your eagerness and anticipation for additional stories.

Enjoy the read...then come experience it yourself.

*If you have served me in session and would like to submit an erotic account and/or pictures of our session to post here, send it to me via email or make sure to express your interest during our pre-session interview.

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