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 "Goddess reminded slave how he had requested Goddess make him cry."

Here for the Rough Bear Sex, Part I

All week long, as the day drew near, slave became more nervous and excited at the prospect of serving You and Your friends. slave was particularly nervous about the meal he was to prepare because he had not had the opportunity to practice with the recipes before Saturday. Additionally, slave had never made vegan recipes before. Finally, Friday evening arrived. On the way home from work, slave stopped to shop for the meal. It took extra time for slave to locate the vegan ingredients, but he found all of them. As slave retired for the night, he knew he had a lot of work to accomplish the next day. Bright and early on Saturday morning, slave arose and was in the kitchen by 9:00 a.m. to start his cooking tasks. First he made the crust. Next, he made the filling for the quiche. While the quiche was cooking, slave made the avocado aioli. Next, slave assembled the balsamic vinaigrette. Finally, he prepared the ingredients for the dessert. After showering and getting physically ready, slave loaded his car and left to get the remaining tribute and fill his car with gas. As slave drove to Chicago, he experienced some shortness of breath because of a combination of nerves and excitement. slave did not know exactly what to expect other than the fact that, in addition to Goddess' golden nectar, he was going to consume the piss of two total strangers. "Not to worry," slave told himself, "Goddess is in control!" When slave arrived on Goddess' street, he was lucky to find a car leaving a spot only two buildings away from Goddess' door! As slave approached Goddess' building, he worried that he would not be able to pull dinner together in time for Goddess' schedule. As slave climbed the stairs to Goddess' apartment, he marveled that it had been two and one-half months since slave had served Goddess. Oh how happy slave was to have another chance to serve Goddess! Could he be the graceful servant Goddess demanded? After slave entered Goddess' divine abode, Goddess showed slave Her kitchen and explained slave's duties for serving dinner, which included answering the door when Goddess' friends arrived and properly introducing himself to them. Before slave could start his preparations, Goddess summoned him and instructed him to sit at the dining room table to write Thank You notes to Goddess' friends for letting slave serve them. After completing Goddess' task, slave started working to prepare dinner for Goddess and Her friends. As usual, Goddess was well organized, which made slave's work easier. Goddess had music playing. It was particularly appropriate: an operatic tribute to divas. Presently, as slave was preparing the meal, the door bell rang. slave was not sure if that was his cue, but Goddess made it clear. "That's for you, slave," Goddess said. slave dropped what he was doing to answer the door. First, he pressed the button for the buzzer to allow the guest to gain entrance to the stairs. Then slave opened the door and heard as Goddess' friend climbed the stairs. As soon as the door was closed, slave dropped to the floor to kiss Mistress Estelle's boots. slave then rose to take Mistress' coat. Mistress asked Goddess what She was to call slave. Goddess told Her to refer to slave as "toilet." With a small chuckle, Mistress acknowledged slave's name. slave returned to the kitchen as Goddess visited with Mistress Estelle. The salad was tossed. The quiche was in Goddess' counter top oven being warmed. The potatoes had been boiled and it was time to smash them on a cookie sheet to bake them and it was time to assemble the ingredients for dessert. As slave was tending to his tasks, the door bell rang again. slave digressed to admit Miss An. Upon Her entrance, slave dropped to the floor to kiss Her stocking feet (She had removed her shoes before entering the apartment). slave introduced himself as "toilet" and took Mistress' coat. Before slave returned to the kitchen Mistress Estelle asked slave about the menu for the evening. Mistress seemed impressed with the contents of the menu.

Once again, slave returned to his tasks in the kitchen while Goddess and Her guests visited in the dining room. slave removed the potatoes from the oven and finished preparing the dessert. slave could not put the dessert in right away because the oven needed to cool to the appropriate temperature. It was time to start plating the first course. As slave plated the salads, he could hear the banter and laughter in the dining room, but the music prevented slave from hearing the conversation. slave went to the refrigerator and removed the homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Being mindful of how a salad is served in a fine restaurant, slave plated the salads and dribbled a couple of tablespoons of dressing on each.

slave approached the dining room and waited to be acknowledged by Goddess. Once acknowledged, slave asked if it was time to start serving dinner. Goddess asked Her guests if they were ready for dinner and they agreed. As slave turned to start serving the salad, Goddess admonished slave and reminded slave that he was to serve dinner in nothing but his underwear. "Yes Goddess," slave responded and went into the other room to disrobe. As slave walked back into the kitchen, he heard Mistress Estelle comment on how hairy slave is and how he needed to be waxed.

slave served the salads to Goddess' guests first and then to Goddess. Although that was slave's intention, as he walked into the dining room Goddess instructed slave on that point. After serving the salads, slave returned to the kitchen. slave overheard Goddess comment that the dressing was homemade by slave. slave found it odd waiting in the kitchen for Goddess and Her guests to finish their salads. slave truly was nothing more than a servant at this point in the evening.

Without belaboring the details, slave served the main course and the dessert. slave was amazed that the timing of the dishes (especially the dessert) came together. slave was afraid his timing would be wrong. slave finished serving dinner and cleaning up so as not to leave Goddess with a similar mess that She had the last time slave cooked for Goddess.

Finally, the meal was over. As Goddess and Her friends changed into attire appropriate for the next phase of the evening, slave cleaned off the table and finished washing the dishes. slave broke a glass in the process. This happened most likely because slave was excited about what was about to transpire. The humiliation would be extreme.

Goddess had directed slave to prepare at least a few minutes of entertainment for the evening. slave was not sure he was up to the task. After all, slave is not an entertainer. Nevertheless, Goddess took slave into the dungeon where She had set up a stage. She placed slave behind the curtains to await Her introduction of him. As slave waited, he could hear Goddess and Her guests in the other room; laughing and chatting amiably. Finally, slave heard them enter the dungeon, discussing how pleased they were that Goddess had arranged dinner and entertainment.

Goddess introduced slave as She pulled the curtains aside. slave spent about five minutes or so entertaining Goddess and Her friends. slave shared some embarrassing information about how he was submissive minded even in grade school and told a few jokes with a dominant/submissive theme; culminating in a bear hunting joke about a hunter enduring "rough bear sex" to save his own life. Goddess and Her friends seemed to sincerely appreciate slave's performance.

Now it was time for another form of entertainment for Goddess and the Mistresses. slave was about to serve three stunningly sexy Women at the same time. Goddess directed slave to go into the other room and return in character. slave removed his underwear, filled his mouth with tribute, and returned as Fido. slave deposited the tribute into Goddess' hands and then panted and sniffed Goddess' divine ass. While doing this, slave wagged his fat ass back and forth, much to the amusement of Mistress Estelle and Miss An. Next, Fido sniffed Mistress Estelle's ass and finally inhaled the scent of Miss An. With his face buried in Miss An's ass, slave could not help but kiss Her ass. She immediately reported to Goddess that slave had licked Her. slave did not dispute the accusation and now it was time for slave's punishment.

Goddess led slave to Her whipping post and shackled slave's wrists. Now it was time for slave to be whipped and flogged. First, Goddess took delight in pointing out slave's pathetic penis. Goddess even measured it with a ruler. slave's penis measured a miserable three inches, which elicited many amusing and humiliating comments from all concerned. Mistress Estelle was eager to start the punishment and started spanking slave's ample ass with Her bare hand (She was not gentle).

As Mistress spanked slave, he neglected to thank Her. When She brought this to slave's attention, slave apologized without properly addressing Her as Mistress, which was immediately pointed out to Goddess. Now Goddess was angry with slave and admonished slave severely. Apparently, slave was smiling slightly even though he did not realize it and Goddess made it clear that She was truly angry with slave and slave was to "WIPE THAT SMIRK OFF HIS FACE!"

What came next was a combination of humiliating comments about slave's pathetic cock and flogging. All three of the Women took turns. slave was not surprised that Miss An was the least severe in Her flogging. slave was surprised that Mistress Estelle was the most severe in Her flogging. Mistress Estelle is a young, beautiful Woman. She appears sweet and innocent, but She is very severe. At one point, She stood in front of slave and explained how She had experienced a stressful week and slave's suffering was Her way of relieving Her stress. As She explained this to slave, She used a sweet voice and smiled benignly at slave. slave's smirk had long since departed his face.

As the harsh treatment continued, Goddess reminded slave how he had requested that Goddess make him cry. Although slave did not sob, he came close to doing so. slave knows his face registered his great displeasure and pain. There were numerous references to slave's joke about rough bear sex. At one point, Mistress Estelle drew close to slave's ear and explained how slave had no one to blame but himself for his predicament.

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